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ESI Artists - Billy McEwen

Buffalo Music Awards Hall Of Fame Billy Mcewen, They Punch Out A Crowd Pleasing Mix Of Classic Blues, Funk, Rock'n Roll, R&B, And Orignals. Over The Years This Award Winning Band Has Shared The Stage With Acts Such As Muddy Waters, James Cotten, John Mayall, And The Neville Brothers

Billy McEwen has been a staple of the Buffalo/Western New York area music scene for many years; as a blues/soul singer of note with his various bands (Billy McEwen & the West-Side Horns, the Soul Invaders, and now the Billy McEwen Band), and as an ever-present voice on television and radio commercials and jingles. In a larger market such as New York or Chicago, he would be a rich man from AFTRA royalties alone, and would probably have received more credit for his years of dogged dedication to his craft as well. On No Peace of Mind, the first CD from the Billy McEwen Band, his soulful voice has found an appropriate musical framework, and able collaborators in co-producers/arrangers Jim Brucato and Al Monti, and guitarist/songwriter Ralph Parker. Blues, soul, R&B, and touches of country, reggae, rock, and even Stan Kenton and Steely Dan are present





01 I Need You

10 Fanny Mae















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